Carol Lake Metal Works

Championing Safety Excellence
We are proud to have achieved an impeccable safety record over the years, thanks to our dedicated team and rigorous safety protocols. Our employees are certified and regularly trained to handle the latest equipment and techniques safely and efficiently.

Comprehensive Safety Measures
From the moment a project begins, we conduct thorough risk assessments and create detailed safety plans tailored to the specific needs of each job. With our proactive approach, we identify potential hazards and work diligently to mitigate risks.

Embracing Technology for Safety
At CLMW, we stay at the forefront of technology to enhance safety measures. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to the latest industry standards. Our team leverages innovative tools and techniques to ensure precision and minimize risks, setting new benchmarks for safety in the metal works industry.

Safety Culture: Everyone’s Responsibility
Safety isn’t just a checklist—it’s a way of life at CLMW. We foster a culture where every team member is personally committed to safety. From the shop floor to project management, every individual plays a vital role in upholding our safety standards.

Celebrating Milestones
We take pride in celebrating our team members’ achievements on their safety journey. Whether it’s completing specialized safety training programs or reaching significant milestone hours worked without incidents, we acknowledge and appreciate their dedication to maintaining a safe working environment.

Your Peace of Mind
When you choose Carol Lake Metal Works, you can trust that safety is woven into every aspect of our operations. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results while ensuring the well-being of our team, clients, and the communities we serve. Contact us today and experience the CLMW difference—safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, guaranteed!

Safety at CLMW


  • Daily toolbox talks  
  • Weekly safety meetings 
  • Take 5 
  • Critical Lift Plans
  • OHS Committee  
  • Pre-use (AWP, fall arrest, & crane)  
  • AED and eye wash stations 
  • PPE 
  • A commitment to safety statement 


We are committed to providing a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly workplace.


Quality is incorporated in everything we do at Carol Lake Metal Works.


At Carol Lake Metal Works, we embrace cutting-edge technology and techniques for superior results.


Our streamlined processes and efficient workflows ensure timely delivery and client satisfaction.

In 2020, Carol Lake Metal Works expanded its services and added a new subsection of the company – Carol Lake Hydraulics & Machining.


Carol Lake Metal Works was first founded in 2007 with one employee, Stephen Hawco (owner), providing mobile welding services. After a successful year, a building was rented in the Wabush Industrial Park in 2008.


In 2009, 220 Humphrey Road was purchased which included a small building.


In 2010, the first section of the welding shop was built at 8000 sqft with a 55 ton over head crane.


In 2011 it was time to expand; this was done by the purchasing of new fabrication equipment to provide more services to customers.


In 2012, a new welding truck was purchased to expand mobile work capabilities.


2013 brought the first expansion to Carol Lake Metal Works’ building. The building expansion includes an additional 6000sqft of space with a machine shop equipped with a 10 ton over head crane, and a new office area. Once the expansion was finished, the largest press brake in the area was purchased (1100 ton) for bending Hardox.


From 2014 – 2017, the team at Carol Lake Metal Works continued to build the company, taking on various projects and new learning experiences. As the company grew more, it was deemed necessary to expand the building once again.


In 2018, CLMW expanded our welding shop to 5000 sqft, upgraded the overhead crane to 64 tons, and purchased a new CNC Plasma Table to speed up cutting and expand capabilities. The company’s introduction to Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters led to a new way of thinking and the journey to a lean workplace. Additionally, Carol Lake Metal Works became the first Hardox Wear Parts Center in Newfoundland and Labrador.


So far in 2019, Carol Lake Metal Works is focusing on strategic and lean thinking, continuing our journey to a lean workplace, and will continue to build the business and brand.