Carol Lake Metal Works is closely monitoring the local and national implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to progress rapidly.

The health and safety of Carol lake Metal Works employees, customers and suppliers is top priority for our business.

Carol Lake Metal Works has, and continues, to risk assess its operations and identify items of control to be implemented for the safety of our employees.  Urgent measures to mitigate virus spread have been implemented to sustain safe and effective operations.

While we are dedicated to continue providing high quality service to our customers, we have implemented some strategic controls in our workplaces.

Employee / Public protection

  • Any customers or suppliers visiting a Carol Lake Metal Works facility is asked to pre-arrange the visit by calling 709-282-3232.
  • Front office and general entrances to the building will be locked and telephone services provided in the entrance. To contact receptionist from the telephone in the front entrance Please Dial 101 to arrange visit particulars while respecting our COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Risk mitigation

  • Remote Working Arrangements are in place for employees where applicable.
  • Travel screening protocols have been put in place.
  • Provincial Screening protocols have been delivered to employees.
  • Employee education for COVID-19 awareness has been delivered.
  • Morning Safety Talk reminders delivered each day highlighting hygiene protocols at the workplace
  • Employee health monitoring and reporting guidelines have been implemented.
  • Additional daily cleaning and disinfecting regimes of workplaces and facilities have been implemented.
  • Daily vehicle cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been implemented
  • Additional cleaning kits have been prepared for residences and living accommodations.
  • Social distancing protocols have been implemented reducing the number of people gathered in an area such as lunchrooms and locker rooms.


  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting supplies secured.
  • Daily monitoring of news releases and government updates.
  • Continued risk assessment and evaluation of business activities and employee safety.
  • Daily update meetings discussing and evaluating business activities and protocols.
  • Continued employee communications as to updates and actions.
  • Strategic planning of business activities to incorporate control measures.